experimental design
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Discuss the basic concepts of experimental design.

Please, I need help with a 2 hours online exam. Exam 4 will have 14 multiple choice questions and 23 open-ended problem-solving questions. Some multiple choice questions will require the calculation. I will give the credentials so you can access canvas and do EXAM #4 for my stats 200 class. The topic Analysis of Variance.


discuss the basic concepts of experimental design.

Use one-way analysis of variance to test for differences among the means of several groups.

Use two-way analysis of variance and interpret the interaction effect.

Perform multiple comparisons in a one-way analysis of variance and a two-way analysis of variance.

I will send the lecture and material so you can have an overview. The exam opens up on Ag 12 and it’s due the 14. Once started you have 2 hours to finish it. Please, I will really appreciate the help.

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