Article review

Article review 1st assignment: Attached you will find the guidelines in order to create a research assignment. You will need to use websites and other electronic sources to complete this assignment. Please follow the directions carefully. You need to first have a theme related to […]

Personal Management Philosophy Paper

Personal Management Philosophy Paper By the end of the course, students should be able to clearly articulate their understanding of management and articulate their positions from a biblical worldview. Each student will write a 3-5 page paper articulating their personal management philosophy. Each paper will: […]

Online Site Visit Report – research report

Online Site Visit Report – research report How to write your site visit report:  When watching the service online, think of yourself as a “participant observer.” Remember that you report only what you observe. Avoid evaluation.  AVOID COMPARISON.  In order to make a fair and […]

Critical thinking- ethical decision making

Critical thinking- ethical decision making Ethical Decision Making Paper Instructions Overview Identifying an ethical dilemma in practice is the responsibility of counselors. Applying an ethical decision-making model to address ethical dilemmas is an ethical requirement and best practice. The assignment aims to help you apply […]