Gasoline prices feature

Fuel prices crisis has existed for the last 40 years which has defined how economists think about price shocks. Fuel price fluctuations are still difficult to forecast despite the increased understanding of oil markets. Oil prices have always been a surprise to stakeholders including consumers, […]

The process of creating data sets.

Scenario You are the facility manager for EnVision, a high-tech vehicle maker located in Atlanta. This new company designs, manufactures, and sells electric vehicles and charging units. EnVision’s unique designs, technical prowess, and limited competition has placed them in the enviable position of having a […]

Case Study: Current Time 2020.

  The receptionist texted Mr. Hersh to come to the reception area because the clinical team is ready. Mr. Hersh arrived then the dental assistant (DA) brought him to treatment room B. The DA confirmed Mr. Hersh was getting a composite filling on his lower […]

The high-flying Enron Corporation

The high-flying Enron Corporation dominated the financial news in the last few months of 2001 and early 2002. The company experienced a collapse in its stock price that was breathtaking. The Enron scandal offers the opportunity to assess the degree to which misleading accounting can […]

Services, Failure, and Recovery

Let’s talk about service! 1. Choose a service that you have purchased recently. · Assess the service using the 7Ps · What is the service’s core benefit, service provisions, and tangibles (if any)? · How do the concepts of intangibility, inseparability, inconsistency, and perishability/inventory relate […]

“Don’t Look Down on Me” by Jonathan Novick

  Identify the 5 peer-reviewed articles you reviewed, Summarize each study, explaining the improvement to outcomes, efficiencies, and lessons learned from the application of the clinical system each peer-reviewed article described. Be specific and provide examples.” 335 “Don’t Look Down on Me” by Jonathan […]

Computer and email acceptable use policy

Locate any company privacy policy. Some of the more popular ones might include GOOGLE, APPLE, or MICROSOFT, but you may elect to review another agency. In 3- 4 paragraphs, explain what you find to be the most interesting information contained in that privacy policy. At […]

“Opportunity Consultants, Inc., Case Study”

Read the scenario as well as the Introduction and Chapter 1 of the Meadows text, the Cathon article on the Learning Organization, the Zemke article on Systems Thinking, and the other material required, and then respond to the prompts that follow. Scenario As an expert […]

 Healthcare marketers implement marketing strategies

In two diferent paragraph give your personal opinion to  Felita Daniel-sacagiu and  Marivette Bedoya Felita Daniel-sacagiu Healthcare marketers implement marketing strategies and target their audiences by advertising in a defined geographical radius (geo-fencing) to focus, specifically on the targeted audience.  By targeting based on location, […]