History & Philosophy of American Higher Education

Reflect on the History & Philosophy of American Higher Education. What assignment was the most engaging? Why? What new things have you learned? What? How will you use your new knowledge? Evaluate your work. What assignments and/or activities did you excel in? What could you […]

Movement Analysis speed walk

  Movement Analysis Paper: Students will write an analysis of movement paper for the sport or activity of their choice. The analysis should be broken down into the different phases necessary for the particular sport or activity (stance, preparatory, movement, follow-through, and recovery). Someone without […]

Standardized Assessments Data Analysis

Culminating Assignment Write a 4 Page Essay addressing the following questions: The Georgia Performance Standards and Common Core Standards focus on what students should know, understand, and be able to do. Think about assessment in your classroom. How does it guide instruction? How do you […]

Multiculturalism and Diversity

Instructions Assignment 3: Field Experience This week, continue work on the course Project. Your final paper is due in Module 7. Submitting the Field Experience Paper By the due date assigned, submit your field experience paper to the Submissions Area. Format: Your field experience paper […]

Child Health Safety and Nutrition

Child Health Safety and Nutrition Resource Guide Milestone Create a resource guide with valuable information for yourself and that could be shared with others. You will finalize your Child Health Safety and Nutrition Resource Guide and submit the complete resource guide at the end of […]

semiotic analysis

The format for the assignment should be double space, left justified, 12 font. No need for a copy of any images. Font: use any standard readable font such as Times New Roman. Word length: the word length does not include quotes, in-text references or the […]

Biological Threats terrorism 4 journal

You are a risk mitigation analyst for a medical research facility that has been instructed to study the effects and availability of biological threats to the U.S. infrastructure. This means that your facility will house given amounts of every known biological threats. This is going […]

Early Childhood Children and Families in a Diverse Society

  Early childhood settings across the world are filled with culturally diverse children, families, and communities. As an early childhood professional you serve as a role model for children and families, and as such, can model understanding and respect for the cultural diversity of every […]

ideology survey Ethics

Forum 7: Ethics Go to the link below and take the quick ethical ideology survey. Once completed, discuss your results with the class (be sure to write down the information as it’s presented on your screen while taking the survey) and explain how knowing your […]

Weapons of Mass Destruction Terrorism

  1. It is common knowledge that China developed the use of black powder explosives long before WWI and WWII. Black powder and more advanced explosives were used as weapons of mass destruction (WMD) throughout WWI and WWII. Discuss the development and use of specific […]