Accounting and Finance – dissertation PAPER

accounting and finance student and have a dissertation due on the 26th March and I’d like it to be done as early as possible so I can get feedback from my teacher. The dissertation consists of me having to come up with my own topic […]

National Security Politics – political advantage

The research paper topic will be on the subject of “Who has the political advantage in national security politics, the President or Congress?” The paper is to also focus on how a change in the media or politics has made an impact. Primary sources will […]

American political culture – liberal Americanism

Please respond to at least one of the following questions. After you have made your own initial post, please also respond to at least one post by a classmate before the end of Tuesday. Please cite specific pages from Milkis to support your analysis (direct […]

Politics Assignment One-page assignment.

Politics Assignment One-page The guidelines are to write a one page single spaced paper based on a reading one chapter in a book. Write your reaction to it by using citations as well. Using the book is key to this assignment. I will provide the […]

political socialization – political preferences

In 1986, J. Glass argued that a parent’s political orientation is the strongest determining factor in predicting a child’s future political preferences (i.e., most (or many) Republicans grew up in Republican-leaning households and most (or many) Democrats grew up in Democrat-leaning households).  See Attitude similarity […]

Republic an allegory of the human soul

Plato’s Politeia / Republic can be read as an allegory of the human soul; which represents a tradition in political thought that sees the state like an organism. Livy’s telling of the parable of Menenius Agrippa is an example of the same idea – and […]


  online timed essay 45mins to answer one question CHAPTER 1, “INTRODUCTION TO GOVERNMENT IN AMERICA” NEW section “How Democratic Are We?” introduces new topics that are featured throughout the book regarding popular sovereignty, political equality, and political liberty. Added mention of budget deficits under […]

local policy – Essay paper about a local policy issue

Instructions Find an article in your local newspaper (I live in Boston) about a local policy issue that affects you. For example, an article concerning your county’s decision to privatize your trash collection service. Summarize the article and explain how this issue affects you. Is […]