I mentioned this in my Welcome Announcement on the Home Page, but wanted to remind you again of how to organize all of your posts, responses and papers for this course. When writing in this class, I ask that you use headings within your writings […]

Bachelor of nursing

Bachelor of nursing Assessment: Critical Reflection on Scope of Practice (500 words) Students are required to write a 500 word critical reflection on their scope of practice as a nursing student. Instructions In years one and two you have learned about reflection on practice. That […]

Strabismus Emergency In Pediatric Care

Topic 1: Eye, Ear and Oral Disorder Management Plans This week’s discussion question will address the disorders of the eyes, ears, and oral disorders. Your instructor will assign you disorder that is listed below. Please include the following: differential diagnosis, pathophysiology, epidemiology, physical exam findings, […]

Public Health Planning And Evaluation

Using the South University Online Library or the Internet, identify a health program in Jena Louisiana. Utilizing resources such as interviews of key staff and web searches, compile your observations about the program into a 5- to 8-slide presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint. Your presentation must […]

Discussion: Community Based Nursing

Community Based Nursing Read the below scenario and answer the questions that follow: Nursing services are an important part in caring for the patients and providing them the relief they need. From patients with chronic health conditions to patients who need elder care, nursing has […]


Davis, T., & Zanjani, F. (2012). Prevention of HIV among older adults: A literature review and recommendations for future research. Journal of Aging and Health, 24(8), 1399-1420. doi:10.1177/0898264312459347 The authors described in detail how many studies they used in the review? When and where was […]

Healthy Vs Unhealthy

What makes some people healthy and others unhealthy? Disease in humans is something that is impacted by many factors that can influence a person’s ability to recover from a disease or even to avoid certain pathological conditions altogether. Based on both your life experience and […]