Business Case analysis

For the case assignment, you will analyze the case of GM pulling out
their advertising dollars from Facebook just prior to the Facebook IPO.
You will also look at various tools for advertising used by Facebook
and other social media outlets
Please address the following topics in your paper:
Determine Facebook’s advertising revenue before and after
their IPO. Make sure you describe the change in revenue (if
any) and the effect that GM’s pull out had on the IPO.
Analyze Facebooks conversion rates, customer acquisition,
costs and audience-targeting refinement tools.
Discuss any advertising metric tools used to measure ad
clicks, active engagement, and brand recognition.
Discuss attribution modeling and its success with Facebook or
other social media networks.
Discuss the challenges of branding products and services on
How do you see this affecting Facebook going forward?
Please make sure you address the items above in a synthesized
format and not just sequentially answer the questions.
3 / 4
Writing guidelines:
The length of this paper should be between 5 -8 pages in APA
format (double spaced, with 1 inch margins and 12 point Times
New Roman font).
A minimum of five (5) references are required to support your
in-text citations.

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