Summary essay

David Chalmer (Matrix Metaphysics)

so the essay need to focus energies toward summarizing what David Chalmer’s writes in the article and connect it to the movie: The Matrix
Essay2 summary essay

  1. Introduction: you do research on the author and try to find out why the author become famous.+connect their frame to the main point of the article you are summarizing( be creative)+the last part have to contain some sort of thesis statement: I will summarize the main argument and I will also connect it to parts of the movie Matrix.
  2. The second paragraph: explain the structure of the argument: how long it is, how it is divided: in our case it is divided into 9 parts: parts 1 to 3 are interconnected: they focus on introducing the reader to the Matrix hypothesis and the metaphysics of the Matrix. part 5 focus on life in the Matrix
  3. Paragraph3/4/5: use quotation. What you think is really important about the work-why is this work important: one unique argument Chalmers makes is that the matrix movie and the philosophy behind it is not a skeptical argument: (1)his other main argument is that if we found that the world was like that described in the matrix,(2) nothing fundamentally would be different. (3). parts of reality are tested, but not all parts.
  4. Wrapping up the summary essay: (1)one or two paragraphs: which part you thought were convincing, which parts you disagreed with;here you may want to connect it directly with the movie. The article is the original A.I=he build the Matrix, he is a software program: when the computers realized that they need the energy of human brains, he designed the virtual reality where the brains interacted with each other.