This week, you will formulate a concise argument for your recommendations for the problem (The Impact of Lead Exposure)

For this assignment:

Review the strengths and weaknesses of each of the solution options that you proposed last week.
Select your recommended solution from among the options. The strengths and weaknesses of each option likely differ in qualitative ways. During your selection process, apply what you learned about the following five areas, addressing them as you describe the justification of your selection:
The number of people affected by the environmental problem
The severity of the health effects
Stakeholder concerns and principles of conflict resolution among stakeholders
Other issues and concerns present in the landscape of the problem
Key public health principles
Write a 3- to 4-page recommendations paper in a Microsoft Word document addressing the following:
Clearly identify which option is favored.
Describe why this option is preferred over the other options. Explain why, despite the drawbacks, this is the best action to take.
Identify what, if any, actions may be taken to mitigate or to overcome the negative aspects of your recommendations.