The issue of nutrition program is affecting all worlds. Based in America, several Americans are overwhelmed with the issue because of poor food decision making. There are various factors to be discussed in nutrition program such as;

1. Connection between eating habits and chronic diseases

Chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, obesity, and diabetes are caused by eating unhealthy food. Also, consumption of food with high-fat content can make one suffer from coronary artery diseases that lead to heart blockage which leads to death (Reinsma, K., Nkuoh, G., & Nshom, E. 2016). High intake of fat food and overeating leads to obesity that later results to cardiovascular, or diabetes disease.

2. Watchful eating

It is advisable every time you are about to prepare for food to first think of the nutritional value of food. For example, you might come from work feeling tired and exhausted in thus you cannot wait for dinner time. Your choice of cooking is food with high calorie, high-fat content, fruits and nutrient dense food. And then you might be at home watching the news at 8:00pm, you rush to your pantry and pick some chocolates and cookies (Leung, C. W 2015). This when you are supposed to ask yourself a couple of questions like am I starving or am eating because of boredom?’. It is advisable to find something else of doing instead of just taking them like reading a novel. Choosing healthy food for our intake is very important for our body.

3- Cooking demonstration

Many people do not know the type of food to prepare especially healthy food; they claim to do not know the proper food to prepare to sustain their nutritional. Offering cooking technique and demonstrations can offer a hand on a method to use on the issue. Demonstration teaches cooking technique and food to take for our nutritional value of the affordable price in thus anybody can afford.

Education on nutrition resources in Houston are:

. Houston food bank

· Portwall headquarters

· 535-portwall Street

· Houston, Texas 77029713


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