Topic: The importance of information literacy for nurses in the workplace.

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Design theme, color scheme, bullet style and size, font style and size are consistent throughout – 3pts

At least 4 different slide layouts are utilized appropriately – 2pts

6 x 6 rule followed – 3pts

Slides are easy to read – 2pts

Appropriate use of custom animation – 2pts

Appropriate use of clip art or image – 2pts

Appropriate use of chart or SmartArt graphic – 2pts

Slide transitions on all slides, 3 different transitions used – 2pts

All aspects of assigned topic are thoroughly examined – 5 pts

Presentation contains 10 slides with content pertaining to the assigned topic. Title and Reference slide are present. – 5pts

File name includes learners last name – 1pt

File is saved in PowerPoint 2007 or newer format – 1pt


Alvarez, M. A., França, I. J., Cuenca, A. B., Bastos, F. I., Ueno, H. M., Barros, C. R., & Guimarães, M. S. (2014). Information literacy: perceptions of Brazilian HIV/AIDS researchers. Health Information And Libraries Journal, 31(1), 64-74. doi:10.1111/hir.12047

Forster, M. (2015). Six ways of experiencing information literacy in nursing: The findings of a phenomenographic study. Nurse education today, 35(1), 195-200.