In 2010 the Port Au Prince region of Haiti was hit by an earthquake of a 7.0 magnitude resulting in the death of approximately 200,000 people and causing an estimated damage of over 8 billion dollars. With the displacement of over 1 million people, scholars have always speculated that if the necessary nursing intervention were put in place several lives would have been saved and the predicament would not have probably been as severe as it is today (D’Antonio, & Lewenson,2010 ). Notable primary care interventions that I could have proposed include, providing education to the public regarding sanitation practices, staying in designated places during the process of evacuation, staying active and always volunteering for the sake of the Haitians affected by the earthquakes. I would also ensure that every tent or shelter is assigned an adequate number of people to avoid overcrowding and lastly educate the public on the first signs of diseases. I believe these measures should be started during the first phase up to the fifth phase. This is an immediate public health need due to the risk of wound infection and tetanus, and therefore I opine that the first phase is more appropriate than other phases.

Secondary intervention initiatives would include performing screening for mental illnesses and also physical injuries. Secondary interventions would be necessary from the second phase up to the fifth phase. Secondary interventions would ensure that the patients’ psychological well-being is catered for since the earthquake caused traumatizing damages such as the loss of loved ones and property. The reason for its introduction in the second phase is that it would go a long way in healing the victims psychologically.

Tertiary intervention that I would propose would include, creating support groups that would allow the wounded and those with trauma to share on the strategies of living well and coping with the predicament. This is a long-lasting intervention, and therefore it should be introduced during the fourth phase of the intervention.


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