Health & Wellness Research Paper Rubric

100pts total

Topic Is leukemia

· Only scholars academic references – manage to have at least 4 sources

· No plagiarism

· Try to tall about all the different aspects of that specific cancer 6-8 pages

· Read the assignment and rubric carefully

Students will identify a health and wellness topic to research. This topic should utilize research to examine a topic of interest within the health and wellness field. Potential topics include, but are not limited to, sugar and cancer risk, tanning beds and skin cancer, DASH diet and cardiovascular disease, and e-cigarettes and their effects on health. Each student will select a different topic, and the topic must be approved by the instructor. Students should utilize a minimum of 3 resources to discuss their topic. This assignment will assess the Information Literacy University outcome.






Topic Overview & Description

10pts (10%)

No demonstrated achievement.

Student provides limited information on their topic. Alternatively, overview is difficult to understand.

Student provides some information on their topic but key information is missing.

Student provides a comprehensive and clear overview of their topic.

Three Subtopics Discussed

50pts (50%)

No demonstrated achievement.

Student provides discussion regarding one topic. Alternatively, student provides average discussion regarding two or three topics, yet they do not use resources to support their discussion.

Student provides discussion and cites research for two topics. Alternatively, student provides discussion regarding three topics yet does not provide a comprehensive discussion or cite resources to support their discussion.

Student synthesizes and cites information from resources to discuss three subtopics within their overall topic. For example, one subtopic that could be discussed for tanning beds/skin cancer could be new policies and laws banning use of tanning beds for certain people.

Conclusions & Recommendations

10pts (10%)

No demonstrated achievement.

Student provides an incoherent or poorly constructed conclusion. Alternatively, the student does not provide recommendations (for the general population).

Student provides a clear conclusion regarding the content of their paper; however, they provide average recommendations (for the general population) and do not cite any information to support their discussion.

Student provides an excellent conclusion and superb recommendations (for the general population) and cites research to support their discussion. For example, a student might suggest limiting sugar consumption to __ amount each day to avoid cancer risk based upon information from XYZ research article (author, year).

Synthesis of Content

10pts (10%)

No demonstrated achievement.

Student restates information in a basic manner using limited sources.

Student is able to use a variety of resources to support their discussion but their discussion is limited to summary only; student does not synthesize content to provide a full discussion of their topic.

Student is able to synthesize, summarize, and compare/contrast information from a variety of sources to support their discussion.

Type of Resources

5pts (5%)

No demonstrated achievement.

Student utilizes non-academic resources (non-reputable websites).

Student locates relevant resources in various formats, but they did not use the best resources available for their discussion (i.e., they only used general sites like Mayo Clinic and WebMD which are easy sources to obtain).

Student selects the optimal sources for their discussion.

Spelling/Grammar & Writing Skills

10pts (10%)

Student does not provide a coherent paper.

Student has some grammatical lapses and spelling errors, and their mechanics and structure are lacking.

Student demonstrates quality mechanics, structure, and organization.

Student demonstrates excellent mechanics, sentence structure, and organization.

APA Citations

5pts (5%)

Student does not provide APA citations.

APA citations need significant improvement. Student provides only links for the full citations and/or in-text citations need significant improvement.

Student has some errors within APA citations.

Student provides accurate in-text and full citations according to APA citation guidelines.