For the past few years, machine learning has been on the rise and many different fields have incorporated machine learning into them and have gained a lot of benefits. The medical field has just recently started to incorporate machine learning in health to diagnose illnesses and diseases. Modern day artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms are proficient and fast at analyzing past data to predict the future possibility of an event. This new and emerging technology can help revolutionize the health industry by processing and providing data of possible disease and illnesses a patient might have as well as the chances of getting a disease and prevention of those diseases/illnesses before they occur. Machine learning can allow for accurate diagnosis of a patient.  determe the different applications of machine learning and AI in healthcare and their impact on the healthcare industry. In my research, I will be examining the different applications of machine learning in the different areas of healthcare including machine learning diagnosis of diabetes, cancer, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease as well as many others and how machine learning and AI have played a role in the development of the diagnosis of such diseases. I will also mention the benefits of machine learning in healthcare.