Question 1
Describe the process by which your company:
a) Chooses and
b) Trains its negotiators.
Make recommendations as to how each of these processes could be improved and
If they do not have processes to both choose and train negotiators, suggest how they
might put them in place, and what they should comprise.
(25 Marks)
Question 2
Outline the process which your company currently undertakes before any significant
negotiation. Recommend ways to improve it, and support your recommendations.
(20 Marks)
Question 3
Describe your company’s post negotiation review process, or state the absence of
such a process.
Explain why it is so important to review the negotiation process, and how best to do
so, with supporting references.
(20 Marks)2
Question 4
Use the example of a negotiation in which you have personally participated to
illustrate how your company negotiates.
Suggest ways in which this could be improved and why?
(25 Marks)