Australian Economy

Conduct an online research into Australian economy and discuss your views about investing in Australian projects as if you were an overseas investor. Would you consider investing in Australia and why?

Definition and Importance of Terms in Sociology

IN YOUR OWN WORDS, explain their meaning or importance in Sociology in no more than 2-3 sentences each. 1. Social Fact 2. Functionalist 3. Conflict Theory 4. Symbolic Interactionist 5. Sociological Imagination 6. Karl Marx 7. Max Weber 8. Emile Durkheim 9. Theory 10. Social […]

Health screening

1.List 1 common health problem of the young adult 18-35 years, 1 different common health problem of the middle adult 36-55 years and 1 different common health problem of the older adult 56+ years?

Nursing practice theory

Which theory speaks to your advanced nursing practice? Explain why it speaks directly to your future practice and give specific examples of how you see it fitting into your new role.

Social work

From your identities of positionality identify one mezzo level and two structural level representations of oppression, with at least one representing a racial oppression. Discuss your findings and reflect.  If your racial, gender and religious identities is(are) one(s) of privilege and you could not or […]

Profitability in Business

answer the following don’t have to be long as long it address the question. 1. do you see any conflict between your desire to be as profitable as possible and desire to pay employees a living wage?

Ethical systems

In a well organized, two to three page essay identify which ethical systems you have seen used in your workplace. Include what kind of problems or issues were addressed and the strengths or weaknesses of those ethical systems.

Company Management

1.find any company in the world that has a great change in the past 5 years and using management theory to discuss and analyse.

Migration patterns

Discuss some ways that migration patterns have changed and are changing from the past to the present. 2. Find and post a link to an article discussing additional ways – not discussed in detail in your materials for this module – that environmental/natural resource factors […]