Identify and discuss 5 ways that a nurse can be culturally sensitive when caring for refugees? For example, when assessing, teaching, questioning or evaluating their health?

2.  When having to communicate through an interpreter, what are some thing s that the nurse needs to do or keep in mind? Why is it not a good idea to use family for interpreting during medical visits?

3.  What are some of the different ways that different cultures look at mental health or mental health disorders? How can culture affect the patients mental health?


4.   list at least 5 health complications/disorders that refugees are coming to the US with and how can you as the nurse help identify them?

5.  Describe one of the two spirituality assessment tools (HOPE or FICA) .

6.   How does religion or spirituality play a role in a patients health?

Explain the different purpose of each of the three types of performance dashboards: operational, tactical, and strategic.

Explain the differences in terms of the users, scope, information, frequency of updates and the emphasis for each.