In today’s world of network architecture and the process by which companies communicate with their employees and their customers, it is important to fully understand the weaknesses and strengths of the architecture. Consider an example of a real-word company, whether it be from your own work experience or even a business you may shop through (e.g., Amazon). Evaluate your knowledge of that company and discuss the following items:

Describe the communication methods applied (e.g., email, chat)
Elaborate on a personal experience you have had with a network connection that has left you avoiding this site or company based on its inability to provide reliable connectivity for its service.

3 “Step 1: Review Chapter 3 on Infancy and reflect on the following scenario:
Educational DVD’s and toys have become popular amongst today’s society with the assumption that they raise intelligence in babies.

Step 2: In a two page paper:

Discuss the cognitive, emotional, and physical (fine and gross) development that occurs in infancy.
Using the developmental concepts you discussed in infancy, apply the data to refute or support the claims of a book or educational program’s promise to help parents increase their babies’ intelligence.
Based on valid research, what suggestions would you give to a patient’s parent to increase the intellectual development of infants?
Discuss how your knowledge of development within infancy can be applied in your Obstetrics and Pediatrics clinical rotation.