American culture and people. Horwitz, Richard P. (2001). The American Studies Anthology. Lanham, MD: SR Books.
• Randolf Bourne: “Transnational America” and the American Legion’s “Americanism” (pages 146-170) Book
Please see the uploaded file.
• Chinese Workers and the Railroad (Links to an external site.): This article is a bit dry; however, it provides a
detailed account of what life was like for Chinese workers in 1880s America.
• Chinese Exclusion Act: (Links to an external site.)This article, compares the current administration’s exclusion
act (Muslims and Latinx refugees) with the Chinese Exclusion Act- an act that is now seen as a grotesque
abuse of political power and racism.
• Timeline of Immigration History (Links to an external site.): This is great timeline of immigration history to the
United States. Please click on the links under each (well most- there are many) section and read about the
various social and political movements and laws.
• An immigrant worker’s experience: (Links to an external
• (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)Cecilia González-Andrieu “Beyond the Melting Pot”
“Introduction to Labor History” connects immigration and urbanization of American cities to the unionization of
the United States labor force. Before unions were begrudgingly adopted into the American workforce,
immigrants and Americans of color were forced to work long hours, with no weekends, and no benefits for
extraordinarily low pay. In fact, there were little to no child labor laws. People were seen disposable. Unions,
however, allowed workers to organize together to demand higher wages, a 40-hour work week, benefits, and 1-
2 days off a week. This video chronicles the early history of that movement.
Introduction to Labor History: The origins of unions: video PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO