Although we usually need multiple views in order to have a nuanced grasp of a film, oftentimes the impressions of the first screening will deeply shape our ideas and subsequent experiences with that film. Here we are going to practice thinking, writing, and fixating these first impressions. The goal of this exercise is to practice writing and consolidating your impressions right after a screening, and thus create a firm ground for future writing.

Usually, writing that invests in sensory details tends to be more convincing because it creates a deeper impression on the reader. We tend to remember and relate first to our immediate senses. Paying attention to the sensorial aspects of a film beyond its narrative not only engages the reader, but it also produces a richer text that is more “respectful” to the aesthetic complexity of a film.


After watching K’Bela (Yasmin Thayná, 2015) please, answer the questions below.

Write here three visual elements of the film that particularly caught your attention. Answer with short sentences or words.
Choose five keywords that you think apply to the film.
How would you describe the film to someone that has not seen it? Write a short paragraph.
Describe one image/scene that, in your opinion, summarizes the film.