Identify the 5 peer-reviewed articles you reviewed,
Summarize each study, explaining the improvement to outcomes, efficiencies, and lessons learned from the application of the clinical system each peer-reviewed article described. Be specific and provide examples.” 335

“Don’t Look Down on Me” by Jonathan Novick:

1.   Watch the short film and respond to the following questions:
A.  What is your immediate response to the film?
B.  What cultural attitudes are reflected in it?
C.  How do these attitudes mirror your own? How do they differ?

2.  What is the political and social significance of the following comment:
“Disability only becomes a tragedy for me when society fails to provide the things we need to lead our lives—job opportunities or barrier free buildings, for example. It is not a tragedy to me that I’m living in a wheelchair.” (From “My Body Politic” by Simi Linton)

Describe how Roy’s adaptation model aligns with theory-Do nurses that work in regulated hospitals with positive nurse staff ratios experience less nurse burnout?
Include the following information:
-Describe the key features of the selected theoretical framework/model. What are its major components?
-Identify specific research approaches appropriate for use with the theoretical model or framework and how it fits with your intended project.
-Does the model lend itself to quantitative or qualitative methods or both?
-What kind of quantitative/qualitative methods would be most appropriate? (Focus groups, interviews, pre/post-tests, record review, survey, etc.)
-Describe how the theoretical framework might be used to evaluate the program/project and critique how well the model fits the program or project.
-What aspects of the model works well and what aspects do not?