If moral reasoning is largely about providing good reasons for moral claims, where do feelings enter the picture? Is it possible to present a logical argument that you feel strongly about? If so, provide an example of such an argument.

In this Discussion, create a policy proposal that will impact the situations faced by either Jose or Iris. Describe the trade-offs you used to develop your proposal.

Respond to colleague who selected the Iris case:
– Provide another approach to address the identified problem.
– What is the responsibility of the social workers working with Iris to advocate for a change in the social policy?

B.) Answer Below questions: (In a sentence each)

1 Give examples of applications of IPsec.

2 What services are provided by IPsec?

3 What parameters identify an SA and what parameters characterize the nature of a particular SA?

4 What is the difference between transport mode and tunnel mode?

5 What is a replay attack?

6 Why does ESP include a padding field?

7 What are the basic approaches to bundling SAs?