The high-flying Enron Corporation dominated the financial news in the last few months of 2001 and early 2002. The company experienced a collapse in its stock price that was breathtaking. The Enron scandal offers the opportunity to assess the degree to which misleading accounting can affect connected firms and industry rivals.

After reading this article, provide your thoughts and ideas on ACCOUNTING CONTAGION: THE CASE OF ENRON

describe the resurgence of the Byzantine Empire and how that influenced surrounding societies.




identify important areas of Viking influence and how Viking society influenced Europe.




discuss the historical context for the Great Schism between Catholic and Orthodox Christianity.




describe the papal-imperial struggle for leadership during the medieval era.




discuss the rise of the university and its implications for medieval society.




identify the important decisions that led to the establishment of a new (Carolingian) Roman Empire in Western Europe.




discuss the social values that are embedded in the Song of Roland

Time series decomposition seeks to separate the time series (Y) into 4 components: trend (T), cycle (C), seasonal (S), and irregular (I). What is the difference between these components?
The model can be additive or multiplicative.When we do use an additive model? When do we use a multiplicative model?
The following list gives the gross federal debt(in millions of dollars) for the U.S. every 5 years from 1945 to 2000:

Year    Gross Federal Debt ($millions)
1945    260,123
1950    256,853
1955    274,366
1960    290,525
1965    322,318
1970    380,921
1975    541,925
1980    909,050
1985    1,817,521
1990    3,206,564
1995    4,921,005
2000    5,686,338

Construct a scatter plot with this data. Do you observe a trend? If so, what type of trend do you observe?

Interpret both models. Which model seems to be more appropriate? Why?