1. Identify a website, advertisement, or piece of mail you received lately that uses obsolete language, buzzwords you don’t understand, or esoteric language. Rewrite the piece using plain language and other writing cues from Chapter 5. Include the original text in your submission.

2. Identify a company that has been in the media in the last 12 months due to a controversy. Find a communication from the company and identify a paragraph that has at least 3 sentences. Evaluate the effectiveness of the paragraph at three levels found in Chapter 5: overall paragraph structure, sentence effectiveness, and the effectiveness of six words of your choosing. Write your evaluation citing specific elements from the chapter.

3. Find a press release or professional communication from a credible organization that could benefit from a revision. Revise the letter or release to make it more effective, using the information from this module. Explain all of your changes and the explanation for each. Include the original text in your submission.

4. Find a Web page or personal blog that you feel has serious writing errors, such as the ones outlined on Page 160 of the textbook. Make all of the necessary changes to the page and explain what changes you made and why. Include the original text in your submission.

5. If a friend told you she was starting a small business to sell handcrafted cat figurines and was creating a website, what guidance would you give her on developing a webpage that employed professional writing and communication standards. Write up your advice, with a rationale for your main points.