This reflection paper will be written about two healthcare career areas or positions or subsets that you have chosen or will select or have an interest in. These should be career areas that you have considered, but not reviewed or written about. They can also be anything that you have an interest.

2. Introduction with clear purpose, preview and direction for the paper.

2. The body of the paper needs to be 5-7 pages (no more than 7) double spaced, typed pages in length. Include all sections of the above that requires reflection and content.

* Size 11-12 Ariel or New Times Roman font is required.

* No bold fonts

* 1″ margins on sides, top, and bottom of paper required.

3. Cite Sources on the final page, after the body of the paper.

4. College level writing expected.


· Two sources are required.

o Must be sources that are established and reliable and validated sources.

o One source from any published hard-copy source.