Locate any company privacy policy. Some of the more popular ones might include GOOGLE, APPLE, or MICROSOFT, but you may elect to review another agency. In 3 paragraphs, explain what you find to be the most interesting information contained in that privacy policy. At the end of your report, please include a LINK to the policy you have reviewed.” 346 https://www.homeworkmarket.com/homework-answers?page=346

•Audrey Smedley, “Science and the Idea of Race: A Brief History”
•Michael Omi & Howard Winant, “Racial Formation”
Week Two:
•Edmund S. Morgan, “Toward Slavery,” and “Toward Racism”
Week Three:
•“Slavery,” and “Slave Law”
•George M. Fredrickson, “Revolution, Rebellion, and the Limits of Equality, 1776-1820,” and “White
Supremacy and the American Sectional Conflict”
•Frederick Douglass, “What, to the Slave, is the Fourth of July?”” 351 https://www.homeworkmarket.com/homework-answers?page=351
1600080521-2326 https://www.homeworkmarket.com/homework-answers?page=343 Discussion Board Assignment #1 (Facebook) https://www.homeworkmarket.com/questions/discussion-board-assignment-1-facebook ecall the NY Times video that we watched during our 2nd class meeting, “How Facebook is Changing Your Internet”. (To refresh your memory, see https://nyti.ms/2y8o8WC .) With this in mind, please respond to the following question: How do you think that Facebook should balance its responsibilities to its shareholders – to maximize profits – with its responsibilities to its other stakeholders (e.g., its users, and the citizens of the countries in which it operates)? For instance, Facebook makes more money when controversial content is posted, but what if that content is “fake news”? Does Facebook have any responsibility for ensuring that user postings are accurate, truthful, and not misleading? Or is it “reader beware” – up to the reader to verify that the information that they are receiving is accurate and true? Do you
Everything you do is predictable to those who know you well. This predictability means your life is determined by choices beyond your control—Paraphrase from Vaughn, p.258
“He sat a long time and he thought about his life and how little of it he could have foreseen and he wondered for all his will and all his intent how much of it was his doing.”—Cormac Mc Carthy (reprinted in Vaughn, p.255)

Explain what these two points of view mean and then give your own reasoned opinion about which point of view is correct. Defend your answer.
Topic B
Describe the theory of knowledge called skepticism. Consider the skeptic’s charge that we can never be confident about the reliability of our normal sources of knowledge (perceptions, memory, introspection, and reasoning.) Describe why and how, for each of the 4 sources mentioned, the source is unreliable. Use examples to show your understanding.
psy question https://www.homeworkmarket.com/questions/psy-question-19725169 “1. Have you kept up with professional literature that describes best and evidence-based practices? Provide an example. Why is this necessary in the counseling field?
2. What are your thoughts or plans regarding employment upon conclusion of the practicum?
3. Have you experienced any disillusionment about the counseling profession as a result of your practicum experience?