One of the most important aspects of developing competence in psychopathology is to be as honestly and completely aware as possible of your personal attitudes toward people who have mental health conditions. Through this awareness, we are better able to challenge our own biases and prejudicial views in order to be more open to the findings within scholarly research.

For your initial post in this discussion, choose one of the three case studies from the PSY645 Fictional Sociocultural Case Studies (Links to an external site.) document, and write a detailed description of your uncensored personal observation of the patient depicted. Describe at least one theoretical orientation you would use to conceptualize your view of the patient’s problem and how it may have developed. Identify the issues you might focus on in treatment with this patient. Be sure to identify within your post which of the three case studies you have chosen.” 349
1600085896-10283 Technology and Cost Containment “Technology and Cost Containment

In response to continually rising health care costs, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) provision was created to promote the meaningful use of health care information technology through numerous incentive programs for health care providers. By enhancing data collection, streamlining electronic medical records, and increasing transparency, it is believed that significant cost savings can be realized as well as other positive outcomes. What are some of the tradeoffs involved in this type of policy?

To prepare:

• Reflect on the challenges of containing health care costs in the U.S.

• Consider how information technology may be used to address health care issues related to cost.

• Examine the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) provision and its goals.” 347
1600081793-4305 Nietzsche on Hardship “In a short essay of at least 750 words, please respond to the following:


Nietzsche famously proclaims that any worthwhile achievements in life come from the experience of overcoming hardship. For him, a life of comfortableness and ease is a worthless, wretched, and wasted life. Do you agree or disagree with this assessment of the good life? Why or why not? In support of your argument, please refer to specific passages from the video (Alain de Botton’s “”Nietzsche on Hardship—Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness,”” available on YouTube via the link below) as well as to the textbook reading assignment, and your own life experiences and observations. DO NOT USE ANY SECONDARY SOURCES BESIDES THE VIDEO.

Click on the link for video:” 351
1600083671-6892 Management Methodology Interview Article “Assignment Content

In this assignment, you will learn more about management methodology by interviewing a CIO or other IT leader and writing an article. Be sure to arrange for the interview and prepare your questions in advance so you are able to write your article. Review the grading rubric for detailed information on grading criteria.


Interview a CIO or IT leader.



Write 8 to 10 questions to ask about improving organizational culture; organizational maturity; the IT team; and relationship development between the IT team and other areas of the organization, including finance, marketing, and operations.


Write a 1.5-page article that could be published in a trade magazine summarizing your interview and what you learned.