Identify and discuss 2 key issues identified in the articles regarding IT strategy in today’s business world
Discuss the need for alignment between business and IT strategy
Discuss the challenges in aligning business and IT strategy
Provide a concluding statement addressing your views on the value of IT strategic management and business alignment” 344


1) What are security policies and why are they so important for organizations to implement?

2) Pick 2 of the business drivers that impact organizational security policies and explain why?

3) Explain the importance of the 3 main drivers to government security regulations
a) Consumer Protection
b) Stable Economy
c) Tax Revenue

4) The concept of risk mitigation is essential when implementing security policies. Explain what your understanding of this process is involved.

5)Explain the steps involved in implementing a security policy within an organization, where is the most obvious chance for error?” 351
1600086677-11323 Psychology question “1. Have you kept up with professional literature that describes best and evidence-based practices? Provide an example. Why is this necessary in the counseling field?
2. What are your thoughts or plans regarding employment upon conclusion of the practicum?
3. Have you experienced any disillusionment about the counseling profession as a result of your practicum experience?
Each question must be 150-200 words and have a cite in the answer must look like this.
Answer” 345
1600083158-6161 Employment and labor law “As the human resources manager, it is your responsibility to keep all human resource employees informed about current employment laws. You want to empower employees with resources that they can use independently to research employment law issues and policies.
Using Excel, create a table that will be placed on the company’s intranet as an employment law reference. You and your employees will be able to add to this document, so you will focus on the following 4 areas of employment law to begin:

Wages and Hours of Work
Safety and Health Standards
Family and Medical Leave
Whistleblower Protection