Tax Law

  Most people these days are still reeling from the pandemic. The IRS and state governments are feeling the revenue pain too. One California bill with several cosponsors would increase the state’s already stratospheric top 13.3% income tax rate to 16.8% (Links to an external […]

Rule of thumb in the gasoline industry

  Levin. There used to be a rule of thumb in the gasoline industry that each 10 cent increase in the price of gas adds sio billion to industry revenues. We can write this rule of thumb as dTR 0.10 = 10 dp (a) Recall […]

Data Analytics

SCENARIO Your supervisor has asked you to prepare a report for the quarterly company meeting. The first part of the task was to download the data and create scatterplots and histograms, and to calculate the mean, median, and mode of the stock prices that you […]

Case of Vincent Arroyo: “Casket, Closets, and Careers”

  Some might say that Vincent Santiago Arroyo’s career path began with a casket. When he was only three years old, Vincent’s father died a hero’s death. As a firefighter in New York City, Vincent’s father perished on September 11, 2001, while attempting a valiant […]

How a poem uses word choice to convey meaning

  Discuss how a poem uses word choice to convey meaning.  (Example: How does Sherman Alexie’s use of word choice help readers understand the theme of “Evolution?”) Examine the imagery of a poem, explaining how the images convey the poem’s theme.  (Example: How does the imagery in […]

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) is a chronic cardiopulmonary disease

  Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) is a chronic cardiopulmonary disease that occurs when your heart does not circulate blood like it should. CHF can be caused by any of the following: coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, alcohol abuse, diabetes, certain medications, tobacco use, obesity, […]

Remarkable resilience

Find a human interest story (criminal justice related) about someone who has displayed remarkable resilience and prepare a one-page summary on the article that includes reflection on how you