Healthcare challenges

Healthcare challenges have changed dramatically in the last ten years. Provide a discussion of how healthcare delivery has changed. Include the role of nursing leadership in the changes. Include a discussion on the likely role of nursing leadership in future challenges.  

Other / B.S. U.S. Homeland Security

BACKGROUND: Transitioning from cybersecurity to physical security, this module examines how our nation’s critical infrastructure is affected by the vulnerable cyber technology that controls its daily functions. In his 2012 Defcon 20 cybersecurity conference presentation, Dan Tentler, founder of the San Diego-based information security consulting […]

Infant mortality/morbidity rates

1. In 200 works research both maternal and infant mortality/morbidity rates in, the United States, and globally. Discuss these rates and the circumstances surrounding maternity and infant mortality/morbidity rate. 2. In 200 words how does the determinants of health impact infant maternal and infant mortality/morbidity […]

Thomas Nagel’s article, “Moral Luck”

Consider Thomas Nagel’s article, “Moral Luck”. State the Control Principle. State the conditions for moral luck and how moral luck results from the Control Principle. Describe Nagel’s four kinds of moral luck. Give examples for how each of these would violate the Control Principle. When […]

Mentoring of Nursing

My mentor was my elementary school nurse who was also a family friend. She stressed the importance of how you must have the right attitude- a positive attitude. Respect is very important as well as listening. She was there for guidance and support and she […]

Johnson use Starbucks’ shared values

Creating  Community:  Did Johnson use Starbucks’ shared values as the cornerstone  of his decision making after the arrests?  Did his decision to close all  Starbucks stores for unconscious bias training and to create a new  “Third Space Policy” align with Starbucks’ mission and goals?  Did […]

Issues identified in the articles regarding IT strategy

Identify and discuss 2 key issues identified in the articles regarding IT strategy in today’s business world Discuss the need for alignment between business and IT strategy Discuss the challenges in aligning business and IT strategy Provide a concluding statement addressing your views on the […]

Healthy policy

Explain the type of resources available for ESRD patients for nonacute care and the type of multidisciplinary approach that would be beneficial for these patients. Consider aspects such as devices, transportation, living conditions, return-to-employment issues. Part One: Write a policy brief regarding an issue relevant […]