You have been working at Saxet Consulting for the past year and are expected to complete three client reviews per week. You have been very productive and have been completing two extra reviews per week. At a recent team meeting, you expected to receive praise from the President for this extra work; however, your manager took credit for the extra work and received the praise from the President. What has your manager violated and what is your likely reaction?

What has caused the growth of the illegal sale of human organs in some countries, a concept unthinkable 100 years ago?
What has caused the growth of selling human organs on the black market?
What are the causes you have identified and will write about in your draft?
What are the effects you have identified and will write about in your draft?

There is common wisdom that states, “Correlation is not causation.” Explain in your own words what this phrase means. Now, read the current draft of your cause and effect essay. Consider how you might revise your essay in light of this saying. Describe what revisions you might need to make to your essay to ensure that your argument is logical, plausible, and realistic and does not present an argument that is illogical, far-reaching, or unrealistic.

DQ3: Use the following questions to develop ideas for your proposal.

What do you think is the most significant problem regarding the sale of organs?
Why do you think it is a problem?
Who has the power to solve this problem?
Why has it not been solved up to this point?
How can the problem be solved?
What are the benefits and costs related to your solution?