From a newspaper like The New York Times, BBC, or The Oregonian.

1 pt: Include a 1-2 sentence summary of the article content (enough to situate the news item and its content) but do not rehash the article.
2 pts: How is gender reported on?  How is gender experienced by the people in the article?  If the article does not explicitly state this, you should use your knowledge so far to assess and discuss the impact gender has on people and the news item.  How does the article discuss gender and race? If it doesn’t, what does this mean to ignore how the issue is racialized and gendered?
2 pts: Why is gender experienced/reported on in these ways?
2 pts: What Next?  What could improve this experience, this field, this research, etc.?
2 pts: Connection of this news report to class concepts must be clear throughout your discussion. You can see the Learning Objectives for ideas and you may make connections to themes 2 and 3 if appropriate.
1 pt: In your conclusion, pose a question that you are thinking about related to this topic and suppose how it might be answered by the research or event referenced. The connection to class concepts can be a reference to a reading, class lecture or discussion, or a concept like Intersectionality.

2. what are the potential consequences (good and bad) of the New West?