The problem of illicit substance abuse is an ever-growing issue in many countries around the world. Australia is no exception. In addition, problems associated with licit substances such as alcohol or tobacco are also increasing.
Often substance use is a symptom of mental illness. Individuals suffering severe mental illnesses often self-medicate with illicit substances and/or excessive licit substances.

Does a relationship between substance abuse and mental illness and anti-social behaviour exist? Discuss.

Prepare an essay of no less than 1000 words discussing this question. Consider the following concepts:

1. Does substance abuse cause anti-social behaviour?
2. Is substance abuse always an element of anti-social behaviour?
3. Does the elimination of substance abuse remove anti-social behaviour?
4. Alcohol and tobacco can also be abused.
5. Does substance abuse cause mental illness?
6. Does mental illness cause anti-social behaviour?
7. Does appropriately medicated mental illness cause anti-social behaviour?
8. Are people with substance abuse issues discriminated against?
9. Are people with mental illness discriminated against?
10. Should people with substance abuse issues be imprisoned for the safety of society and themselves? Should they be sentenced to mandatory rehabilitation?