What is the leader’s biggest challenge?

Self-doubt is my leader biggest challenge. As a leader, Priscilla’s biggest challenge is being outspoken and able to say no.

How does the person address problems or issues?

Zyare address problems or issues through his wide variety of friends.

What suggestions do they have for college students interested in having an impact on issues important to them and on becoming a leader?

There are many opportunities! Just go for it! If you don’t take a step to become a leader or take a step to show leadership skills in whatever club, environment, or issues you want to address, you’re never going to get anything done.

How do they define leadership? Service? Do they see them as connected?

Zyare defines leadership as influencing. “Great leaders all got something in common, they influence people in a positive manner “. Being a leader is bringing that energy that pushes everyone forward. He sees leadership service connected. You cannot be a leader without contributing to those you’re trying to help. Zyare believe pastors are leaders because they spend at least half their time on other people.

Priscilla Ajala believes leadership service is connected because when you’re leading individuals, you have to lead by example and everything you do. Leadership is being able to organize and basically leading a group and motivate people to do a certain task or reach a certain goal. You really can’t be a leader without servicing others and people that you’re leading.

what’s your motivation/purpose as a leader?

Zyare is motivated by helping others. Priscilla’s motivation for being a leader is just seeing the results of leading a group of people. The results are always stratifying.

How do you relate leadership to your religion?

Leadership ties with religion. Zyare says every step he takes; he’s taking it with God. If you’re a leader on top, then who’s leading you? Being a preacher’s child, you are thrown into leadership from the beginning of your life because in the church, you’re trying to lead other to come to Christ and you’re leading by example with the way you showcase your life, your characteristics, and how you treat other people.