Write about the Linear algebra in physics and the role algebra has in the real world. The focus of this paper is linear algebra as its for a linear algebra class. some of the topics I’d like to see discussed [if possible] are:
1) Vectors
2) Matrices
3) Eigenvectors
4) Eigenvalues

Include the question and number your answers accordingly.
1. With all the stories about millions and millions of bytes of personal data having been exposed, why is their still any faith at all in the Internet?
2. How has the term hacking changed meaning over the years?
3. What is the most dangerous hacker tool?
4. From the news: How were NSA’s hacker tools  compromised?
5. What was the vulnerability in the Target Breach?
6. What do you think of hacktivism?
7. How did Stuxnet work?
8. What was the Arpanet?
9. Deep brain stimulation is a treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Medical devices such as these are now becoming accessible through the web. Consider the dangers (threat surface)?
10. What is the Red Team?