General Purpose: To Persuade

Specific Purpose: What your audience gets out of the presentation

Central Idea: The thesis of the speech


GAIN ATTENTION: Identify the problem

Attention-Getter: Give the audience a wow moment to draw them in.

Preview: What is the subject of the speech?

Relevance: Why is it important to your audience?

Credibility: Why should the audience listen to you?

Position Statement: Your researched opinion on the topic and why it needs solving!

(Transitional sentence)


NEED: Explanation of the problem

Statement: Identify the problem

Clarification: Give evidence of problem

Illustration: Give examples of how the problem relates to your audience

(Transitional sentence)

SATISFACTION: Give the best solution to the problem

Statement: State the most viable solution

Explanation: In detail, explain the solution

Reasoning: Show reasoning behind the solution

History: Give example(s) of how solution worked in the past/elsewhere

Nod to other side: Clarify objections your audience may be thinking

(Transitional sentence)

VISUALIZATION: Implement either of these solutions

Positive: This is what it will look like with the problem solved

Negative: This is what it will be if the problem is not solved

(Transitional sentence)


ACTION: Specific instruction on how audience can help

Specific: Help by doing this: give phone numbers, addresses, etc.

Specific: Donate, sign petition, write congressperson, buy product etc.

OPTIONAL: A secondary conclusion to wrap-up the entire presentation may be given now, but is not critical to the speech. Consider your time constraints when delivering this optional step.

(Transitional sentence)


Review: Summarized your main points

Thesis: Restate your position on the topic

Call to Action: Close with a memorable statement and call to action.


Provide a minimum of four references in APA format


Identify visual aids and incorporate into the outline above

Persuasive Speech Assignment: Outline & Presentation

Outline to be completed like the above template by Saturday at midnight of Week 3

Persuasive topic of your choice to follow Monroe’s Motivational Sequence format

6-minutes in duration

4 credible references in APA format and cited in the speech

Visual Aid(s) to enhance the speech and incorporated at the appropriate time

Extemporaneous delivery

Video and Audio recording submitted under the Persuasive Speech Assignment in Blackboard in one of the approved methods for video submission, due by Monday at midnight of Week 4

A minimum of two audience members required or presented to the professor in Keiser Live in Week 4