Find a food label of a food you have tried or would like to try. Include an active link to an image of that food label that includes the Ingredients List AND the Nutrition Facts Panel. This must be a packaged food – not a fast food or restaurant item. In 150 words or more answer the following questions:

Why did you choose this particular food? Is it one that you eat often? Did you include an active link to the label showing the nutrition facts and the ingredients?
In which food group does this food fit into ChooseMyPlate. Recall that this is a food group plan that groups foods according to their nutrient content. Empty calorie foods (such as candy or chips), would NOT fit into a food group. They would be in the discretionary kcalorie category. Likewise, cheddar flavored crackers do not have enough calcium to fit into the dairy food group – they would fit into grains. If you are not sure where your food fits, make your best guess and then ask for help in your discussion posting.
Look at the Nutrition Facts Label for your food. List the % of the Daily Value (DV) for Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron. (or Vitamin D, iron, calcium, and potassium if your label is one of the new ones!) Read the definition for the Label Claim ‘HIGH” in the “Glossary of terms on Food Labels” in chapter 2. Is your food high in any of these 4 micronutrients?
Does your food contain any food additives? If yes, tell us what type of food additive it is and present information on it’s safety rating from the Center for Science in the Public Interest found at: Chemical Cuisine (use this active link)
Now that you have looked closely at the food label, do you think this item is a part of a healthy diet? Why or why not?
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