Integrate evidence-based and research to support advancement of holistic nursing care in diverse healthcare settings. (PO 1,4)
Integrate knowledge related to evidence-based practice and person-centered care to improve health outcome. (PO 1, 2)
Develop knowledge related to research and evidence-based practice as a basis for designing and critiquing research studies. (PO 1, 5)
Analyze research findings and evidence-based practice to advance holistic care initiatives that promote positive healthcare outcomes. (PO 1, 2, 5)

Find and review ten (10) scholarly, peer-reviewed research articles, systematic reviews, or CPGs in support of the practice change intervention. Complete the Research Summary Worksheet download table for each article.
1. State the PICOT question
2. For each article, supply the following:
a. The complete reference for the article in current APA format
b. Description of the purpose of the study/review/practice guideline
c. Description of the evidence type
i. Research article/systematic review/CPG
ii. If a source is a research article

1. Is the study quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods?
2. Is the study experimental, quasi-experimental, or descriptive?