The leadership skills that I would need in this situation would be excellent listening skills, Masaya seems to be very frustrated and as his preceptor it is my job to help him through this. I would need to be a motivator to keep him moving forward he stated that he loves his job so I need to make sure it stays that way. Masaya needs to know that I am trustworthy, I am on his side and I want him to succeed in his job. I must continue to give him positive feedback even when he feels that all he is getting is negative feedback from others. As Masaya’s preceptor it is important for me to understand that he comes from a culture where using “sir and Ma ‘am” is considered to be a form of respect. I also would need to be flexible and willing to learn from Masaya myself because he obviously was taught a different way of giving report on his patients where he comes from, it is not for me or others to criticize but it could be a positive learning experience for all of us. It doesn’t say in the video if there was any pre- planning for when Masaya was arriving to the unit, but I think there could have been some teaching or some information handed out referencing the cultural differences from his home to ours. This may have helped with the adjustment period. If as Masaya’s preceptor I exhibit these qualities they may start to rub off on the other staff members and the entire staff’s outlook can change for the better.

I do believe that incivility was an issue in this scenario. According to Finkelman (2016) incivility can be viewed as such things as negative facial expressions, verbal abuse and threats. In the video Masaya stated that the other nurses would roll their eyes, the nurses are trying to fix him up on dates even though they know he is married. Lateral violence is also present in the video

The article and the video shared lateral violence, bullying, and lack of collaboration (Lachman, 2015). They just do not seem to value Masaya as part of their team at all. They seem to discredit him whenever they can. The other nurses did not even show any interest in recognizing him for the dish that he brought in to work for everyone. He feels ignored.

It should be the goal of all nurses to be as civil as possible when performing their jobs and interacting with their fellow co-workers. As nurses we all need to work together. Our co-workers can either make or break our working experience. There is always room for improvement, and we can all continue to learn from each other. In this situation instead of criticizing Masaya for being different everyone should be more interested in talking to him to see what they could learn from him that might make them a better nurse/coworker/person. Also in this situation when a scenario like this arises it must be addressed immediately so that it does not get out of hand and risk a good employee leaving the organization.

Finkelman,A. (2016). Leadership and Management for Nurses: Core Competencies for Quality Care (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson