Go to the Company’s website at www.starbucks.com. (Links to an external site.) locate the “”For Business”” section, and access the “”Suppliers”” link. Evaluate how the requirements and standards to become a Starbucks’ supplier.
· Using the transformation process explain how Starbucks serves its customers, from inputs to outputs. Conduct additional research as needed.
Write a script for your response using APA for citations.

The second part involves:

What are stocks and bonds? Describe how you could estimate their values. If you are investing in the stock market, which would you invest in and why?

The organizational analysis will utilize a minimum of five external, peer-reviewed academic sources and contain the following sections:
.      What is the organization and how would you describe it?
·      Who are the leaders of the organization?
·      Is the organization successful?
·      How do you determine whether an organization is ethical or not?
·      Based on your assessment and research, is the organization ethical?