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HealthCare and Governance

Discussion 5

Yitsy Serrano

Florida National University

Political institutions are fundamental in the health sector in establishing democracy and economic growth. It is worth mentioning that political rights are guaranteed financial performance within the health spectrum. Electoral process and government are significant in both family life and daily work in the sense that public concerns are addressed democratically by voting representatives. Apart from democracy, electoral process can induce change within the scope of leadership.

Health policies affect practitioners inclusive of nurses not only in their area of work but also as an individual. (Bristol and Zerwekh, 2011) Quality within a system of healthcare depends on how stuff executes their respective duties without which delegation of responsibilities is incoherent. Right health policies take into account the rights of the nurses and protect their interests regarding the allocation of finances within the arena.

For instance, mental health policies address the concerns of the contextual factors of epidemiology. Besides strengthening skills, quality of life and patient outcomes depends on the correct implementation of the health policies within the avenue of health. (Bristol and Zerwekh, 2011) Consequently, strict adherence to ethical conduct and integrity within the health domain is fueled by sound health policies. Regulatory policies relative to handling of emergencies might drive nurses’ involvement in political campaigns

Creating organizational policies such as nurse staffing and workplace advocacy strategies are integral in situations where nurse’s voices neglected within the health avenue, empowering of practitioners within the health sector batten up the delivery of quality of health. Conversely shared governance contribute profoundly to ensuring that nurse’s voices heard. Such strategies will ensure that nurses are efficiently involved in workplace decisions affecting patient care.

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