Lawyers are changing their pay structures. It used to be that they would bill hourly (top dollar for top lawyers, less experienced helpers had cheaper rates). Now they’re beginning to price like consultants—per project. Thus they must begin assessing the value-added to the client firm of the legal expertise and assistance. What advice would you give a law firm to proceed fairly and profitably?
Go online and compare three franchises (e.g.,,, or Choose two franchises in the same industry (e.g., fast food) and the third franchise from another industry (e.g., hair cutting). Make a table to report the fee structures (upfront, continued licensing), as well as benefits touted for franchisees of each franchise system. What would tempt you to pitch in with some friends and buy a franchise when you finish your degree?” 249 “Chapter 3 outlines what’s trending in Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO). Review the trends below.
Write a 3-4 page paper on a protected characteristic that is protected under EEO laws and regulations.

Identify and explain the characteristic.
How can unlawful employment discrimination affect your identified characteristic? Give examples.
Share the legal protection to prevent bias and discrimination based on your characteristic.
Research and identify how organizations have or can protect themselves