Healthy People 2030 relevant to women’s health status of a pregnant or nonpregnant female client. Research and review the topic, current approaches to meeting this objective, and suggest approaches that a Family Nurse Practitioner can take.
Assignment Criteria:
1. Identify the chosen topic giving a brief overview including the relevance to women’s health to” breast cancer in women”
2. Select and summarize one objective from the chosen topic –
a. Discuss the reason for selection of the objective- with the objective” to reduce the breast cancer death rate”
b. Discuss how the objective pertains to women’s health
c. Examine potential impact on the future of health care in the nation.
3. Identify evidence-based and cost-effective interventions related chosen objective.
a. Evaluate whether the interventions have or have not been successful.
b. Determine the stakeholders that may benefit from the interventions.