Listed below are a number of topics relevant to the first few years of life on which there are opposing opinions. With this assignment, you must demonstrate that you understand both sides of one of the topics.

1) Choose one of the topics below and map out a conversation that might be had between people with opposing views. This conversation must state both sides with at least two supportive arguments for each side.

gender-neutral parenting
attachment parenting
have another idea? It may be great but check before you start work.
2) Go to Storyboard That Comic Strip Creator and create a comic strip in which the conversation that you have mapped plays out. Note that basic Storyboards with a watermark are free. You don’t need to purchase anything.

For each panel of your comic, you can add a background scene, characters, and textables (talk bubbles), and even your own uploads. Note that at the bottom of the screen you will see more options including different layouts and additional cells. Assume that you will need to add cells in order to present both sides of your topic.

3) Save your Storyboard and share your creation to the Sharing Forum so that we can all enjoy it. You can post your creation directly to the forum or share a link.