HE 325 Nutrition Journal Article Review

Due Wednesday Nov 8, 2017 at the beginning of class

Choose one or two peer reviewed journal articles pertaining to nutrition that have been published in the last five years and review them. This assignment will be two to three pages of typed analysis on recent studies about nutrition.

Answers to the questions must be in Times New Roman 12 point font, standard one inch margins, typed, double spaced, spell-checked, grammar-checked, and proofread. 25 Points

Required pieces of assignment:

1) One page summary of journal articles you have chosen. (10 points)

a) What was the article about?

b) What was the purpose of the study described in the article?

c) What was the method of the study described in the article?

d) What was the conclusion of the study described in the article?

2) One to two pages of your analysis of the journal articles. (10 points)

a) What did you learn from the articles?

b) What did you find interesting from the articles?

c) What are some questions you have now that you have read the


3) Hardcopy of peer reviewed journal articles citation information and abstract. (5 points)