Briefly respond to each of these prompts. Total word count should be approx. 1000. Include works cited page. You must cite all required readings and films, or it will be a ZERO, with a chance to resubmit for a capped grade.

(Bierman) Discuss how music played an important role in the labor movement. Include discussion of at least 3 songs, 3 songwriters, 3 labor unions, 3 songbooks, and 3 strikes.
(multiple articles) Discuss the music of Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger, including how it expressed a Leftist political ideology. Include an exploration of at least 2 specific songs and their texts from each artist.
(Eyerman and Baretta) Compare the first and second wave folk revivals in terms of all of these: time, place, people, political issues, historical/Political context, commercialization, class, generation, subculture, media, technology, and drugs.
(multiple articles) Discuss the music of Bob Dylan. How did it exemplify the major political/social concerns of the Second Wave folk revival?  Include a discussion of at least 2 of his songs.
(Rosenstone; Lund and Denisoff) Discuss counter-culture. What is it? Who are the major figures of it? What were their ideas? (incl. discussion of hippies and beatniks). Discuss the notions of ‘slotted’ and ‘plastic’ people. How were these expressed through music in the 1960s? What troubled the counter culture about these types of people, and how they might approach human relationships? Why was this such a concern at this time in American history?
(Robinson) Discuss the relationship between popular music and the anti-globalization movement. What does the movement want? What musicians were/are involved (name at least 3)? How so?