The health of our veterans that have come back from war either physically or mentally wounded has become a very important and contentious argument. The apparent inability of the present Veteran’s administration to care for these men and women in an efficient and thorough manner appears to be overwhelming. Not only the active persons but those that have fought wars in the past is a large number of persons and has presented this country with a real dilemma. The cost of providing millions of veterans with quality care is a challenge and only recently did the Obama administration consider the possibility of having Nurse Practitioners and PA’s fill in where either there is no coverage or where the current cost is too great.


1. Considering that Nurse Practitioners are fully qualified and could easily provide quality care and less expensive care to these brave men and women that sacrificed so much for our country. Is this a viable alternative for the Veteran’s administration to consider having Nurse Practitioners fill in to give health care to our veterans? Voice your opinion and give plenty of supporting documentation and ideas to build a better system for our veterans.

2. Follow the link “Saving Veteran’s Health: Nurse Practitioners to the Rescue” to read about the proposals that are already in place and other proposals that seek support.

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