REVIEW the article Module 1: What Are Best Practice “Gold Standard” Principles?, hosted by Unite for Sight. Apply strategies to identify and apply current best practices.
a. IDENTIFY various current best practices in the Health Care industry
b. RECOMMEND strategies to choose the appropriate best practices to a Health Care Unit
c. APPLY the best practices to your workplace.

Directions: Select a country (other than the US and Canada) and a global health initiative of your choice which is presently ongoing in this country. Conduct an analysis of this initiative; consider the following items in your analysis:

1) the nature of the health initiative
2) the population that the initiative targets
3) the overall health needs of this population
4) resources that were used and applied as part of the health initiative
5) advertising or marketing efforts that have been used relating to the initiative
6) environmental, social, physical and cultural barriers which needed to be addressed as part of the initiative
7) approaches used to assess the success or failure of the initiative and data that has been collected
8) lessons learned from the initiative that have relevance and application to the overall global health care sector and your workplace/community.

Your analysis would be 1250 to 1500 words in length (not including words on the cover page or in the reference section). Your plan should be in APA format and be supported by at least ten peer-reviewed sources. no plagarism