Defining Medical Terms Match the terms on the left with their correct definitions on the right. Remember to base your choices on the meaning of each word part. _____

1. oste/o/arthr/itis a. pertaining to within the vertebral column _____

2. hepat/o/megaly b. disease of the heart tissue. _____

3. cardi/o/my/o/pathy c. inflammation of the bones and joints _____

4. inter/vertebr/al d. disease of the heart muscle _____

5. rhin/o/plasty e. enlargement of the liver f. enlargement of the kidney g. surgical procedure of the nose


The medical terms given below have been divided into word parts. For each term, list its word parts and give the category and its meaning for each part (using the glossary at the back of your text or a medical dictionary). Then define the term. Word Parts Category Meaning

1. oste/o/arthr/itis

2. hepat/o/megaly

3. my/o/pathy___

4. inter/vertebr/al

5. rhin/o/plasty

6. electr/o/therapy

7. gastr/ectomy

8. sub/cutane/ous

9. dys/pepsia