These scope statement will be presented to the project sponsor and management for approval and once approved will become the baseline, or the official scope to use for planning schedule and budget in more detail and allocating all resources.  Any changes to the scope baseline will need to undergo change management procedure, the reason why the scope statement must be very specific and clear.
Next, discuss applicable regulations and collecting requirements.
Finally, state how the scope will be evaluated, approved by executive management, and communicated to project team members to ensure observance and compliance with the scope baseline.
Be sure to address:
How the scope provides assurance to the senior executives and stakeholders involved in the project.
Importance of including the project sponsor and other key decision makers in the discussions and design of the scope statement
Relevance and impacts of the scope statement when setting service level agreements (SLA) and contracts.
Overview of scheduling and its role in the success in technology projects.
As part of this assignment, prepare an Appendix in which you share a comparative matrix of the PMI standards, the ISO 21500, the OPM3 model, and the agile/SCRUM methodology. To start the evaluation, you can create a table similar to the one shown below:
Table 2: Example Table
Discuss the importance and added value of PM methodologies and standards in the enterprise, especially in projectized environments.
Present a planning diagram or flowchart for using the agile methodology and SCRUM technique as part of your project planning